Red, blue, green and purple: the colours of…

The colours of…Christmas? After some long (long) time, I’m finally coming back with a (maybe) common topic, but it is worth to talk about.

But while you are reading, you will be wondering what the subject is, probably (if you haven’t done it yet) you will have (had) a quick look below to check a picture or some clues about that. Please, don’t do it. Let’s keep it a mystery. Could you guess the topic of the post? What are these colours referring to? Pigments, nature, planets… I’m afraid any of them, but not that far away. Here it is a clue: it is something related to animals. The colour of the eyes, tongue?  What if I tell you that these colours belong to the colour of the blood of different animals? You all know that human blood is red, despite the belief of princes and princesses to have blue blood (let’s see this later). What about the rest? Let’s keep reading.

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