This blog aims to make science easy and accessible for everyone. We will unravel science from Chemistry, which explains what we are made of and what we are surrounded by. This is the definition of Chemistry: “The branch of science concerned with the substances of which matter is composed, the investigation of their properties and reactions, and the use of such reactions to form new substances”. In other words, everything is chemistry, and I hope you will discover it little by little in this blog. However, not everything can be explained by Chemistry, we also need the help of Physics and even Maths to explain the laws of the Universe.

I will set posts, events, ideas, recipes (to bake science 😉 , not cakes of course! ). And, of course, you can also ask me about questions/reflexions about how or why things happen.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.



My name is Marta Martinez and I’m a passionate chemist (inorganic, organometallic, synthetic and now a little biochemist) and scientist. I love research, but also demonstrating and disseminating science among children (and not only children!). After finishing my PhD in Organometallic Chemistry, I worked in the UK and in France as a postdoctoral researcher. Now, I’m back in Spain.

Do you want to know more about my research/work? Go to my Researchgate profile. You can also go to LinkedIn or to ORCID (you will find me as Marta Martinez-Alonso).

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