Non-newtonian fluids “oobleck”

Non-newtonian fluids “oobleck”

Make your own quicksand! But before knowing how…do you know what are non-newtonian fluids? You can read about here.

Now that you know better how it works, you are ready to start the experiment. You will need:

  • Corn starch or corn flour
  • Water
  • A tray
  • A spoon, stick or some tool to stir.

Setting up:

  1. Fill the tray with some water.
  2. Add corn starch little by little and mix it slowly. If you try to stir it quickly you will get trapped!
  3. When you get the liquid and solid consistency at the same time, it is ready!
  4. Play and have fun!

As a tip, try to catch it and make a ball, can you get it? What happens when you stops? Next video shows how to do it! And if you liked it, please share!

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